In May of 2015, Anne had a seizure before taking her young children to school. After she was rushed to the hospital, she received a diagnosis that changed her life. Anne was diagnosed with stage IV, EGFR-mutant non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). She is now on a targeted therapy and is back to living her life. Anne is also now active in raising awareness for lung cancer. Her work revolves around helping to end stigma and pushing for lung cancer to be given equitable research funding. Anne has recently been featured on CBS Denver.

Anne is competing in Team Draft’s fourth annual Lung Cancer Survivors Super Bowl Challenge on behalf of the IASLC Foundation. This is a unique fundraising initiative that gives lung cancer survivors the opportunity to raise funds for public awareness and cutting-edge research into what is most often a deeply misunderstood disease. Help Anne get to first place and attend the Super Bowl next year in Minneapolis while also supporting cutting-edge lung cancer research; Donate to Anne’s Campaign.