Deana Hendrickson, who tweets @LungCancerFaces and is the co-founder of #LCSMChat, entered the world of lung cancer in June 2012 when her mother, Rita, was diagnosed with stage IIIB lung cancer. Employing her sales and marketing skills, Deana and her daughter, Lisa, developed Faces of Lung Cancer while spending countless hours with Rita in waiting rooms, infusion centers and hospital rooms. Although Rita died in April 2013, Deana has continued her advocacy – in part, to help her heal from losing her mother to treatment complications. Deana is a wife, mother, devoted dog mommy, self-proclaimed crazy cat lady and veteran animal rescuer. Her message is, “Smoker, former smoker, never smoker: no one deserves lung cancer.” She envisions a world where lung cancer is a chronic disease, one that is detected early for the majority of patients, rather than a life-limiting condition.

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