In 2012, I was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer that spread to my bones and brain. I was fortunate to have a very caring oncologist and her equally caring team of nurses, another assisting oncologist and a social worker. I qualify for treatment by targeted therapy–I take an oral cancer drug daily, and do not receive chemotherapy infusions.

For me, battling cancer is both physical and mental. Having a positive attitude helps. In addition, I find great comfort through my spirituality. I don’t have the ability to choose my disease or treatment side effects, but I have the ability to control my attitude. While I don’t have the strength or energy I had before cancer, I am grateful for having independence and a good amount of strength and energy. I can still do a lot of what I used to do, but I take more time to accomplish something. I choose to not waste my time and energy agonizing about what I can no longer do. I will not allow cancer to prevent me from having an active life.

Donna Moy