Hello, my name is Emily, and this past March, my mom was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer. My mom had been in and out of the hospital since October of last year, but the doctors insisted that she was just have panic attacks and that her anxiety was getting the best of her. After finally getting a scan with contrast in March, it showed the tumor in her lung, as well as the cancer that had already spread to her liver and bones. When the doctors dropped the bomb our world/lives had changed forever.

We have been through six rounds of chemo and radiation. I am my mom’s main caregiver since I live at home (and go to the University of Houston), so I see everything she goes through. It has been extremely hard just standing by and not being able to do anything about the pain she is in. The doctors don’t even know why she is in pain because, for the time being, the cancer is gone. We know it’s going to come back, but shouldn’t she be feeling great and enjoying life right now?

Unfortunately, she can hardly walk to the restroom right now. Yet even with everything she is going through right now, she has never lost faith and continues to stay strong throughout all these obstacles. I could not be more proud!

At the end of the day, we have to FIGHT this beast with everything we’ve got. The moment you stop fighting is when you allow the monster to win. So we will NEVER stop fighting!