I was diagnosed August 12, 2011, with stage IV non-small cell lung cancer (adenocarcinoma). I had a lobectomy on my left lung and a wedge resection on my right lung. One month later, I had heavy duty chemo and lost my hair – the usual stuff. Eight months later, when I’d recovered, I started on bevacizumab maintenance chemo. I continue to have bevacizumab infusions every three weeks and scans every four months. My bevacizumab was cut in half approximately nine months ago, and scans were changed from every three months to four months.

Initially, I was told that I would probably take bevacizumab only for twelve to eighteen months before the side effects would become too much for me. Thanks to annual visits to a doctor in Las Vegas for homeopathic remedies, however, I have kept chemo side affects under control. When I have a significant issue, he prescribes another homeopathic remedy that usually works. I still teach a step aerobics class, walk, water ski, and bike. I continue to do almost everything I enjoy.