I am a 17-year lung cancer survivor. I had pneumonia four times that year with multiple X-rays. On the fourth one, my doctor said there was a “spot” on my right lung. After a CT scan and bronchoscopy, my pulmonologist finally gave me a diagnosis of Stage IIIA, Squamous Cell Lung Cancer.

At my oncology appointment the next week, I received the details.  I would receive six rounds of chemotherapy, 39 days of radiation, then surgery to remove the two lower lobes of my right lung. I am self-employed and had to stay working to pay my health insurance. I truly think because my mission was to provide for my family (three children, all under 14, and my wife) I could never give in!

I just did what my medical team told me to do. Nothing more or less. Anyone should have hope to beat the beast! I’m no one special, just a man who didn’t give up.