My husband Kevin was diagnosed with COPD about nine years ago. He got very sick with pneumonia and they found a nodule in his lung. It was biopsied and was found to be benign. No one ever told him to come back and have it rechecked. Three years ago we both quit smoking, and along the way he suffered several bouts of lung issues. All chest X-rays were usually just chalked up to COPD and we never questioned that.

A year ago things changed. He was diagnosed with stage 3b non-small cell lung cancer. He went through 35 radiation treatments and eight rounds of double chemo. We thought he was going to beat it. Then four months ago they told him he was never going to recover and put him in hospice. A week later he passed with me watching him take his last breath. He died a month before his 60th birthday, four months before our 34 year anniversary. He also left behind three beautiful children, a daughter in law and three gorgeous grand-babies.

I miss him every single day. Be aware of what’s going on with your health. Don’t just take what they tell you as truth. Early detection is key to beating cancer. Be aware. #LungCancerAwarenessSavesLives