My name is Lynda Fisher, and almost 16 years ago, I was diagnosed with stage 3B non-small cell adenocarcinoma. One physician was looking at my case optimistically: Dr. Bonomi. My tumor was 10 cm or the size of a grapefruit. He told me that if it was an aggressive tumor, I would have been dead a long time ago. Following my surgery, Dr. Bonomi told me that for the tumor to get to be that size it had to be growing inside of me for 7-10 years, so that he was feeling very positive about my prognosis.

I went to three other oncologists, and they were all “gloom and doom.” I used Dr. Bonomi for my chemotherapy because of his attitude. I wanted to be hopeful and on December 18, 2017, I will be celebrating the 16th anniversary of the removal of that tumor and the “gift” of the rest of my life! He was a partner of mine throughout these past years! I trust his knowledge and expertise. I am confident that Dr. Bonomi is one of the very best lung cancer oncologists in the world. I’m thrilled to call him my doctor and my friend. I have participated with him at fundraisers for lung cancer. I have walked alongside him at “walk-athons,” heard him speak at fundraising dinners (to help educate and raise money for research) and I have sat beside him at funerals of patients and friends of his and mine.