I had the largest team of approximately 50 people – all of which being my family and friends – who have been supporting me from day one of being diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer. That was over five years ago, in June of 2012.

My name is Diane Chrapkiewicz. That was the most devastating day of my life. I was only 56 at the time. I was healthy, watched what I ate and exercised regularly. Then “boom.” One day I woke up having difficulty breathing and thought: “I should see a doctor about this.” I was sent for blood work and a chest x-ray where they saw that there was cancer in my lungs. I’ll never forget that day as long as I live. The devastated looks on my husband’s and daughter’s faces were so heartbreaking.

My daughter and my brother were the ones who found Dr. Bonomi, and a second consultation was set up to meet with him. I knew immediately that this was the doctor I wanted to treat me. He has always been very upbeat about my diagnosis, and even though we have had ups and downs, we have overcome all of them and continue to fight to beat this cancer. I know that I will not be cured, but if someday someone can be cured because of what they may have discovered by treating me, I would be thrilled!