On July 25, 2017, my mom went into have a biopsy done on her lung. As soon as the doctor went into her lung, her lung collapsed. The doctor inserted a tube and got it inflated. We thought my mom was on her way to recovery, only for the doctor to take the tube out two days later. My mom was still doing good. That night at 11 p.m. my phone rang. I was told to get to the hospital immediately. Once again, her lung had collapsed. A bigger tube went in this time, but my mom was never the same.

She was sent home three days later with the tube still attached. We where told to call hospice then. My mom stayed at home with us for one week. Then the confusion and delusions started. We had no choice to put her in a hospice home. I lost my mom on August 13, 2017. It all happened so fast, and I still want to call my mom everyday.