Our Partners

The Lung Cancer Awareness Month Coalition is a global coalition of national and international organizations committed to bringing awareness and amplifying the conversation around lung cancer.

A Breath of Hope Lung Foundation (U.S.)

ALCASE Italia (Italy)

ALK Positive (U.S.)

American Lung Association (U.S)

Association of Cancer Patients and Friends (APOZ) (Bulgaria)

Campaigning for Cancer (South Africa)

Caring Ambassadors (U.S.)

Chris Draft Family Foundation (U.S.)

Citizens for Radioactive Radon Reduction (U.S.)

Clifton F. Mountain Foundation for Education & Research in Lung Cancer (U.S.)

EGFR Resisters (U.S.)

FairLife Lung Cancer Care (Greece)

Free ME From Lung Cancer (U.S.)

Global Resource for Advancing Cancer Education (U.S.)

GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer (U.S.)

International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer (U.S.)

Instituto Oncoguia (Brazil)

Irish Cancer Society (Ireland)

Israeli Lung Cancer Foundation (Israel)

KRAS Kickers (U.S.)

LungCAN (U.S.)

Lung Cancer Europe (Switzerland-based)

Lung Cancer Foundation of America (U.S.)

Lung Cancer Initiative NC (U.S.)

Lung Cancer Nursing UK (United Kingdom)

Lung Cancer Research Foundation (U.S.)

Lungcancer Foreningen (Sweden)

LUNGevity (U.S.)

Lung Foundation New Zealand (New Zealand)

Marie Keating Foundation (Ireland)

Move Against Cancer Africa (Nigeria)

Patientforeningen Lungekraeft (Denmark)

Pembe Hanim/NEFES (Turkey)

Pulmonale (Portugal)

Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation (United Kingdom)

Women Against Lung Cancer in Europe (Italy)

World Thrombosis Day (U.S.)

Upstage Lung Cancer (U.S.)


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