Washington, DC, NOVEMBER 9, 2023—This Lung Cancer Awareness Month, the global LCAM Coalition is convening an international panel of experts to discuss the global challenge of lung cancer stigma. The panelists, who span the globe from India to South Africa to England to the U.S., will also explore the role that patient advocates and advocacy organizations can play in raising awareness about and combating stigma. The November 16 event will be hosted by LCAM Coalition partner GO2 for Lung Cancer.

“Stigma negatively impacts every person diagnosed with lung cancer,” said Danielle Hicks, chief patient officer, GO2 for Lung Cancer, and the moderator for the global event. “It affects everything from mental health to funding, awareness, treatment and support. We must work together to educate the public on the realities of a lung cancer diagnosis–because anyone with lungs can get lung cancer.”